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Our Horn Heaven

We fix band instruments,

We rent band instruments,

We buy and sell used band instruments,

We sell new band instruments.

(we're rather fixated on Band Instruments!)

The official motto of Valley Wind & Reed is

"if you can't spit in it, it ain't musical"

We carry LeBlanc (Vito, Holton),

and Eastman products including Amadeus flutes.


We are proud to be the areas exclusive Cannonball Dealer.

Here's a teaser of some of the used horns we have right now

Selmer Ref 54 Alto Sax


and Selmer Ref 54 Tenor Sax


And a list of what we have in the store right for cool horns for sale


  1. Reference 54 Tenor Sax (see above)
  2. Reference 54 Tenor Sax(yes 2)
  3. Reference 54 Alto Sax(see above)
  4. Martin Indiana Tenor Sax
  5. THE Martin Alto ( needs repad)
  6. Evette and Schaeffer Bb Clarinet
  7. An Older Buffet R-13 Bb clarinet
  8. A newer Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet
  9. A Conn 6M Alto sax
  10. A Larilee Oboe
  11. A Rigatout Oboe
  12. An Eastman med bore BbF TBone
  13. SOLD An Olds Special trumpet
  14. SOLD A Bach 43 Trumpet
  15.  SOLD A Yamaha 475 Tenor sax
  16. Armstong 303B flute


And new

  1. Cannonball Vintage  Tenor
  2. Cannonball Vintage Alto
  3. Yanigisawa 901 Alto (Black Lacquer)
  4. Yanigisawa 902 Tenor (Bronze body)
  5. Cannonball 789RL Trumpet Mad Meg finish
  6. Amadeus flutes Silver HJ, plated body AF -600
  7. Mio flute Silver HJ plated body M6E (Clearance $ on this one)

Prices on request



Contact us at

info (AT)


1731 Dolphin Ave

Kelowna BC Canada

V1Y 8A6

(local) 250-860-7879

(toll free) 1-888-818-4949


Thanks to Robert Porter for the pictures of his Rationale Alto

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